Frequently Asked Questions...

My dog is really attached to his toys, can we bring them with him?

Yes!  Guests are more than welcome to bring along their favourite blankie or soft toy if it will make their stay more enjoyable.  We do however ask that NO bean bags are brought in as these can become a hazard for pets.


At times my dog can be a bit of a fussy eater, do you cater for this?

All dogs are fed ‘Performadog’ premium dog food.  We feed 'Performadog Premium' dog food to all our guests. We use this food exclusively for our show dogs with great results and feed the best to our guests as well!  We regularly top up their water bowls with fresh water morning and night or as required.

If your dog is on a different or special diet, we can accommodate this too.  We prefer to use our own brand of food and ask that you do not supply your dog’s food unless your dog is on a Veterinary prescribed diet, as we just haven’t got enough storage space!!


I haven’t left my dog at a boarding kennel before and am concerned she will fret without us around, how do you think she will react to this?

We are very aware of this issue as we often look after ‘first timers’!  Rest assured that your dog has regular companionship during the day from either our qualified and caring staff members, or from other dogs (where appropriate).    During the day we leave the radio on so they feel like they are at home and will be very comfortable in their accommodation which provides protection from weather extremes.


What is the accommodation like, will my dog be well looked after?

We have large, secure, outdoor runs all with grassy areas and plenty of shade.  All guests have individual accommodation that is warm, clean and spacious.  Each dog has its own, private area.  All dogs sleep and run individually, for one on one attention, unless from the same family.  For our larger boarders we have double units, which are also used for two or more dogs from the same family.


My dog has special needs and requires daily medication, will this be catered for?

Elderly, nervous, sick or convalescing animals are welcome.  Medication will be given as required by arrangement. We reserve the right to seek veterinary attention in case of nil contact and an emergency.