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Board My Paws is located in the Sydney suburb of Bringelly, which is situated between Penrith and Camden.  Our dog boarding kennel is on a beautiful rural acreage with plenty of room for your dog to enjoy.  We have huge outdoor areas which we utilise for daily exercise and socialising of the dogs that stay at our pet resort. 

Daily exercise and play

We aim to give all dogs that stay with us a happy and fun experience.  The importance of play and exercise in a dogs daily life cannot be underestimated.  Just like we enjoy the feeling we get after a walk outside in the fresh air or a day outside playing sport, dogs too experience a lift in their mood from enjoying these simple pleasures.

We incorporate a daily exercise program into our routine which ensures each and every dog enjoys a run and/or a play with other dogs in our huge outdoor grassed exercise areas. 

If your dog is older or not well or there is some reason that you feel they would prefer quiet time, please let us know and we can cater for them as well.

Where will my dog sleep?

While spending time in our outdoor area, all dogs have access to a shelter which provides protection from the weather.  During their time indoors during the day and at night, dogs enjoy soft, warm, clean and dry bedding. 

You are welcome to bring in anything that your dog is used to sleeping with such as a special blanket etc.  This can help them to feel more at home and settle better.